Searching - Demo 2014

by Same Current

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released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Same Current Auckland, New Zealand

Emotive Hardcore
Auckland East
New Zealand

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Track Name: Dead Hearts
Why is it every time things are looking up
That my mind has to drag me back down
Realization dawns on me
It’s not that I’m unhappy
I just prefer the company of the voices in my head
To feeling dead inside
When you start to push away the ones you love
Because it’s easier to be alone
Than to feel like a disappointment all the time
Than to feel like a disappointment all the time

To say I’ve been let down before is fair
To say I’ve been the let down
Is becoming well known
Never happy with myself
I wish I was anyone else
That my voice would fade away
The only thing left, an empty shell
Track Name: Searching
Here I am again
Pouring my heart out to you

I'm still not sure if you can hear me
But I cry out to you just the same
To live another day with these thoughts clouding my mind
Clouding my vision, is just something I cannot bear

Lord, show me something, to remind me you're still there
I can feel myself slipping away
I've been searching for too long
I can't find you
I can't find my peace
Or a reason to stay

I've hated myself for too long
I've hated the person I have become
Father remind me of who I am supposed to be
It's what I want to be

God, won't you take me away?
Take me away from here
I don't want to live with this pain anymore
I don't want to live
Take me away
I can't stay here

"Son, you were not made to be broken
You were not designed to live this way
Rise up from your knees and remember what it means to embrace a new day
You are worthy."
Track Name: Endless Plains
It's said "be the change you want to see in this world."
Then what is it I want this world to be?
A lifeless wasteland.
Endless plains of empty hope and empty dreams?
I can no longer make sense of my own thoughts
But I know something has to change.
This downward spiral I've been on needs to be reversed.
My insecurities,
They've gotten the best of me, they've gotten the best of me.

This could be the turning point
I want to see the next chapter in this book.
I'm tired of being afraid.
Fear has got me nowhere, nowhere so far.
It's time for a change, and this time I think I'm ready
I'm letting go, I'm cutting the rope.
No longer will these anchors hold me back from being,
from being the man that I'm supposed to be
It's time for a change, and this time, God this time I think I'm ready